Dazzling details

All these hectic and chaotic days have made me realize and appreciate at a different level the small things that usually pass us buy.

It’s been very long since I have posted something on my blog unfortunate, but heard times need hard measures.  And all these hours in a day are not enough to cover all the work, and all the work sometimes takes your inspiration away. But enough with the bickering and let’s start with this brand new start. J

As I was saying all that small, sometimes too small to be notices, details have become the pick of my days. J

And considering the fact that fashion is the first thing I think about in the morning, you can just imagine how many details I’m looking for. But for today, I will talk about dazzling patterns on everything we wear.

Fashion advice of the day!

Put a bit of dazzling on one piece from your outfit. Below you can find some examples that will surely change your idea of a shopping spree.










Studded dégradé leather clutch
















Silver-plated Swarovski crystal earrings












Printed suede and patent-leather pumps









Embroidered jacquard and suede clutch


















Leitmotiv silver-plated Swarovski crystal necklace

6Patent-leather pumps


Offer happiness, receive kindness!


Statement cuffs for girlish wrists.

I was always sure that once you establish your personal style, things will be simpler and faster in the fashion department.

But in the last few years I have managed to discover that this statement is not entirely true, not just in my case but for many of the people that I know or I’m the process of befriending. :))

Why am I talking about this? Because today I’m wearing a big gold bracelet, to be more to the point I’m wearing cuffs bracelet! Yes it’s totally out of the ordinary, especially since I was the one that laugh about all big golden things, but as I stated above, even dew my style was simpler and all into silver, something changed or the inception made by the magazines has finally worked. LOL


Fashion advice of the day!

It’s ok, even great to wear a big, statement, piece of jewelry especially as its ads drama, edge, elegance, refinement!

Right now I’m quite into bracelets and I think the more the better!



For the cuffs, that are my favorite, you can go for studded, embellished, leather, animal motifs or whatever floats your boat.

So choose the big ones, yes the gold, bold ones that were never an option, because they can bring together an outfit, making it look not just stylish but expensive, luxuriant and complete.

To get you started in this area, here are some suggestions:







Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Becoming a kitty cat!

Since I remember I always had a clear definition on what I like & dislike. Also I kept a firm position, over the years, regarding different types of patterns and clothes when it came to women and men.
But as life shows us, this firmly statement that I kept so long, have been demolished but a simple friendly advice, sometimes just act on it without even thinking about what it means and what you used to do.
So, I decided to act on it and the simplest way, of course is related to fashion.
One lovely evening in an eyeglass store, I found something that year ago I would have laughed about and make silly jokes. But this time I decided to try them on and gust what, with my new hair cute it looked, well what can I say, I’m not the one to brag about myself, but I must tell that they looked really, unexpectedly, perfect!
I quickly bought them but the usually thoughts that they look silly, good on only some types of women, if you know what I mean, were making my head a mess.
So, it took two weeks to finally were them outside (laughing out loud at myself) but the result was really astonishing and the compliment, well I was flattered.
This is how I, Laura, the boyish girl with the firm attitude, became the kitty type of woman.  And I must say that I now am proud of my new style of glasses.
Fashion advice of the day!
I know you have a style and strict opinions of what is good or not when it comes to your fashion, but as I just discover and I wanna share with you, sometimes the things that seams the farthest might be the best for you. So, please, give up and enjoy a silly pare of panther type glasses, or an extra short skirt and any other thing that you wouldn’t normally were.
Me, I now look like this, the kitty cat!
And because somethings I hope will never change, a special song for me, to all out there still resistant to silly changes:
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Student on a cloudy Sunday.

Today is a really cloudy Sunday that kind that only hot coco and a mystic book that bright a bit of light on the grey sky.
Because, I can’t spend my day in house, many things to be done outside, I decided to challenge the sun to a duel, by wearing proudly my red, big, student map that I received happily on my birthday.
Fashion advice of the day!
Make your own sun, sunny, shiny afternoon and the cloudy Sunday will quickly transform to the better.
Choose bold, big, statement accessories that include bags which can bring you happiness and give the world another perspective over life vs. color.
This is mine, from Promond:
Others big bold bags, can be find on this really aspirational site, which I more than just adore:
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Be unique!

I’m one with a lot of great and memorable mentors! All amazing female actresses of the 40’s till the 80’s that changes and revolutionized the world as we know it, and the fashion of the last century. I adore them, daily watch their movies and admire pictures of them because I believe that fashion, clothes, are just a part of the characteristics necessary in order to became a woman, a special and bold one with a beautiful character.
Don’t even get me started on the books, the books that present this amazing characters that polish today female willing to absorb al this information, to change and accept new ways to deal with life, whatever life means to you and me. 🙂
Fashion advice of the day!
Be like them, were one thing that makes you special, unique for one day, but unique!
My choice, a turban! Chic, bold, and very easy to wear, the turban can be that slick way of adding something when we don’t have other ways of making an outfit stand from a crowed.
Me, I needed something quick, that would hide my hear after an hour at the gym 😀 and that would give me an attitude plus on a day outside, in the spring. So I turned for online advice to three great personalities: Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor. This is what I came about in my hunt for new ways to wear scarves.
The result, here below:
If you don’t know how to make a turban, or what it actually is, you can check this to links:
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Bright B’day!

I’m still not comfortable to present myself, so I will continue with my short but to the point daily advices.
Today, is a really important day me, being my B’day, and I decided to dress simple at work, the flashy outfit is set for tonight. But, I like color and print, patterns and fabric, and I needed to manage a simple but funky combination that can go easy at work and out with friends, when it’s not your birthday. 🙂
 I been playing around with patterns for a very long time, from when my mother stopped dressing me and the models, the hard, complicated one always fascinate me, don’t even get me started with the colors, I have a light blue table in my living room with pink and grey chairs. To explain the color frenzies.
Fashion advice of the day!
Combine, I know you know to mix stuff, but sometimes the mixing is a bit too much, for just a simple day at work.
What to do then? Add just a bright/bold color, the rest can be simple, white, grey, blue; all of them go good with yellow, fuchsia or bold red.
Might seem I bit too low, no worries, patterns are here to help: http://kapitza.com/ – just a little preview of what patterns are and the multitude of shapes that they can give to everything from paper to clothes.
My choice of the day is this, bright yellow and flower patterns go perfect with the B’day happiness and also scare the winter away.
Have a great day, my dear fashion addicts.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

How it all started

I do admit that I wanted to do this for so long, I can’t even remember, but being raised in a family where respect and comment sense is an important part, I was always I bit shay in exposing myself to all out there.
So, in order to make the change more suitable for me and to take it one step at the time, I decided to start with a daily advice regarding fashion or my fashion and my style and how I managed to accumulate all this notions, through the years I have devoured all the information that came from abroad.
Fashion advice of the day!
Even if its winter, all snowing and cold, you can still add your make through a bow tie. Slick, elegant and easy to ware, the blow tie can come in handy when it’s too cold to where just a shirt and the old worm sweater is overdue.
Mine is bought from a vintage faire, which took place at La Scena, a couple of years ago. Is from silk and is for men, but it suits me.
For the ones that fashion is not just something you copy from a magazine, here is a bit from the story behind the bow tie:
During the Prussian wars of the 17th century, Croatian mercenaries would wear colorful ‘scarves’ around their necks to, among other things, denote rank and distinguish officer from enlisted man. The French, who were fighting alongside the Croats, were mightily impressed with this fashion innovation, and took the idea back home with them; adopting it as their own. The resulting neck adornments were called ‘cravats’, and became quite the rage among the upper crust of French society. Whether or not these cravats first spawned the bow tie, and then the straight tie, or the other way around is not known. What is most likely, is that they evolved together and concurrently. Be this as it may, the bow tie had been born, and was around to stay.
The well-dressed gentleman has been associated with the bow tie through the modern age. They have instilled confidence in our leaders, from Benjamin Disraeli to Winston Churchill in Great Britain, to the United States, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt rocked a bow tie into the White House, and of course one could go on and on with men of distinction who donned the bow tie with great effect. We shall leave that topic for another delightful time.

Offer happiness, receive kindness!