Wishes on a list.

Today I wanna tell you a bit about wish lists. I was never to found of them, mostly because they never materialize and also because they can raise a lot of frustrations.

But, something changed when a close friend told me about her wish list and how it’s been transformed into a target thing that helps her on those days that work and going out on the streets is the last thing you wanna do.

So I started to do just this, I can’t explain why but this year I consider it to be the one with important changes related to all the expects of my life, I’m more opened and willing to accept and text different ideas in order to get to the point that I want and how I want to life.

Coming back to the topic, stated below, this is part of my wish list. I will not show all, because some things are meant to be personal. 😀











Fashion advice of the day!

For all those that consider this list to be a waste of time, there might be a moment when just this silly, non-practical list its all you need in order to take the next step. That push that makes you realize this is your chance and you should go for it.

So go for it, make the wish list and add those extremely expensive things you are sure you can’t even buy and one day you might just have all it takes to check them out. Good riddance!

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

One day I took the two little piggy’s out on a walk.

It came a time when the boyish girl had in some extent to transform into a woman. So, my dear mom decide to help me make that transitions by reading a couple of books that revealed what a woman is and the way it behavior should be.

In that stack there was this astonishing, strange but really good book called: A woman of thirty by Honore de Balzac. Through the many things that I found and strive to learn from it, was the fact that we women should keep all of our personalities (meaning child, boyish/girlish, mature woman, teacher, doctor, etc.) intact and use them wisely when needed.

Not forgetting this, made me one day at not such a really young age, to buy and happily wear a pair of crazy, extremely childish shoes. The piglets! Pink pigs with white and soft pink background.  Amazing!

The moment they came to my door, they were delivered by a nice lady Marushka, I felt madly in love. :))




Fashion advice of the day!

Don’t transform yourself in just one person, one typology. You are complex and it’s really good to show that, to be that confident that it will be no problem to present yourself to the world in any way you prefer. Be the boyish/girlish that wear animals as bags or shoes, be the teacher that always has a book in her purse, be the stylish that can wear with big grace the stiletto heel, or anything that you are, but remember you should really be that, fakes are not accepted! J

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Another addictive thing.

When I first started this blog, not too long ago:)), the main idea was to add my type of advices regarding what I call fashion and style. But because this is my blog I realized that I can add whatever I want.

This made me so happy that today I will talk about another addictive thing in my life: Food! Meaning good food, made with special ingredients that can melt even the most heartless food critic. :))

I do like to cook, especially recipes from other countries and I’m always on the look fro stores that have ingredients from all around the world.

But I do admit that a big part of the things that come out of my oven comes from the places that I visit and eat most of their menu.

Last week in my search for new thing to make in my almost ready condo in the middle of the city, (I have to brag about it’s such a big, happy, amazing thing that I managed to achieve last year) I found this place, Urbanesc that give me a great idea for the kitchen.

I just must tell you that I’m from that category: that kitchen is for cooking and that cooking goes really good with fashion and style and amazing clothes.  I’m not ashamed to get my hands dirty with flower and butter. 😀

Coming back to the post of the day, in this great old house, with perfect ceilings I eat all this splendid dishes:

By the book ratatouille on a polenta bed


An apple-raisins milfoil with caramel sauce


Yes, I know you mouth is watering, but this might make you to go to thins amazing place, eat all the delicious things in the menu and then try them at home. 🙂

To say that I still kept the fashion part, here are some cool aprons:

Jessie Steel


Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Studs & spikes for the spring

Friday casual many times means jeans and convers, but this time because it’s a beautiful day with a lot of sun, I choose to use this casual day to wear one of my fav shoes, golden studded suede flats!

My belonging looks like these:

photophoto (1)photo

Today almost every brand has studs & spikes in their shoes collections and this means that you can see many times of studs at bracelets, scarves, shorts, tops, jackets, leggings, hats, bags & even at sunglasses!

There’s something so amazing about wearing spikes and studs. The juxtaposition of beautiful femininity and cold sharp metal I think is more than just cool.

Fashion advice of the day!

Buy/wear a pair of these great studded loafers on a sunny day!

This trend is a great and easy way to add spice and surprise to any outfit. Whether you’re wearing elegant ballet flats with studs on them, spiked jewelry, studded bags, or a long flowing dress decorated with spikes at the shoulders, you are sure to get double takes wherever you go.

No longer just for rocker girls and punk chicks, spikes and studs are quickly becoming one of girls’ new best friends, so why not take your turn walking a little on the wild side. J

To get some inspiration, look here: Studded loafers

If those weren’t enough, step into spring in these delightful Marc by Marc Jacobs coral studded mouse flats!

Firstly, coral is one of the top colors of the season and secondly, look at those tiny, adorable ears! The studs add a perfect balance of edginess to the cuteness factor.

Freshen up your daily winter style with a splash of playful coral.


Some ideas why you should were these amazing, crazy studded loafers.


They are fun:

The first thing to remember is that studded loafers are fun. There is no taking yourself too seriously with these shoes.

Trend-clash or too many trends at once:

The second thing to thing about is the overall look. I don’t like strict fashion rules, but I’m a fan of thinking things through. Don’t be a trend slave. If your entire outfit is flowery maybe don’t wear the studded loafers because we have what we call “trend-clash”.

Wearing too many trends at once, or overdoing one trend can also be a little tacky, so if you are wearing a cool studded purse or an awesome studded belt, skip the studded loafers.

Great for walking:

The loafers are a nice trend for those of us who are good friends with strokes through the park and long walk in the town.

Cute with… all things

You can wear them with almost anything, but if wearing regular pants make sure that the length is okay and not skimming the ground).

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Statement cuffs for girlish wrists.

I was always sure that once you establish your personal style, things will be simpler and faster in the fashion department.

But in the last few years I have managed to discover that this statement is not entirely true, not just in my case but for many of the people that I know or I’m the process of befriending. :))

Why am I talking about this? Because today I’m wearing a big gold bracelet, to be more to the point I’m wearing cuffs bracelet! Yes it’s totally out of the ordinary, especially since I was the one that laugh about all big golden things, but as I stated above, even dew my style was simpler and all into silver, something changed or the inception made by the magazines has finally worked. LOL


Fashion advice of the day!

It’s ok, even great to wear a big, statement, piece of jewelry especially as its ads drama, edge, elegance, refinement!

Right now I’m quite into bracelets and I think the more the better!



For the cuffs, that are my favorite, you can go for studded, embellished, leather, animal motifs or whatever floats your boat.

So choose the big ones, yes the gold, bold ones that were never an option, because they can bring together an outfit, making it look not just stylish but expensive, luxuriant and complete.

To get you started in this area, here are some suggestions:







Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Girlish brick-red!

Well, crazy funky Laura can’t be present all the time, so there are many moments when I prefer the girlish part of me. You know that one that is funny, easy going but also shy and mysterious.

This is what happened on a sunny day at the beginning of the weekend, then the girlish, shy and delicate person come to life and when strolling through the town.  How did I show that today I’m from the girlish part? With just one piece, a hat, spring color and simple shape, brick-red and funny I can show the world, today I’m all about feminine, delicate and shy attitude. 🙂




Fashion advice of the day!

You can’t always be that slick, sharp, edge woman that can cut through everything, and you need to know that first for yourself and health, second for the ones around you.

If you are like me, that type that can say directly what they feel like and how they are on a specific day, the easy way to give an impression and to avoid complicated discussions is to wearing girlish, feminine outfits. You don’t have an entire costume that can state this feeling?

 Don’t worry all you need is a hat, a scarf or even a necklace with a feminine pendant on it. I can assure you that every person around will know that on this day you are delicate beautiful type of female that can wear with pride all the pink and rose in the world. 🙂

Me, I’m all about strong pink so to be girlish I choose this cute, feminine hat that made me feel 20 and happy!


Girlish brick-red

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Blue on the street!

I’m one of those persons for which color is a big part of her life, starting with clothes, wall paint, make-up to car color and even the Iphone cover needs to have some bright shades.

But to mix and match all this color is not an easy task and sometimes even the best can get it wrong.

So, in order to avoid big damages, its best to play a little trick: choose just one bold, bright color and wear it proud.  The rest of the outfit can be formed by just one/two colors, preferable pale. 🙂

Fashion advice of the day!

Buy/wear an electric colored pair of shoes! If you don’t have one, now is the time to go shopping, the choices are countless and combinations can make even the simplest outfit an amazing get out and party ensemble. Don’t be afraid of electric color; just remember to wear one thing so bright the rest need to be kept simple and classy.

Don’t worry about the other accessories because with the perfect shoes the rest don’t event cont. Just walk bravely and all eyes will be on you, trust me!

I today, just did that with this all blue gorgeous pair of Pat Calvin lace-up shoe. In the middle of the day, I went for a glass of wine with dear friends and may I tell you what an impression the electric blue shoes made on everybody. 🙂





Some choices:

Crystal-embellished grosgrain slippers

Dégradé sequined slippers

Multi-strap suede sandalsDégradé sequined slippers

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Paws & Hoes

Today is more about life advice then fashion, but for me fashion is a big part of my life so it’s just normal to introduce all sorts of newly learned things to you.

Not too long ago, I was all reaped up in finding the perfect gift for someone’s B’day, but the cash was low and time was not on my side, so I had to find something creative, really creative, not too expensive and different.

In my quest I stumble upon this cool and quirky page that offers t-shirts with different types of text: No Eye Patch.

The process was very quick and in just a couple of days the present was in my possession and I was excited to give it.

But, as life always showed me, best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray and the well searched gift was left with no owner, I will not get into the details because this is not that type of blog. 😀

What to do with the present?! A close friend suggested that I kept it for myself and one day when it all was given limbo I would wear it, and so I did. I wore the t-shirt in a sunny day, proud of my doing and happy that the moment finally came.


Fashion advice of the day!

You go do that, the plan and the thing specially prepared for someone or for something should be used on the spot, not when the time is perfect because that might not ever come.

Same with clothes, I know, you are keeping that new dress for a special occasion, but this time you should trust me when I say, wear it! Today, tomorrow, as soon as possible and it will make you feel amazing, happy and all glowing.

Offer happiness, receive kindness!


Another part of living based on the advices given by my best friends, took me yet to one more different decision, but this time regarding my lips.
For me lipstick has always meant lip salve, a way to regenerate and keep the natural color of my lips intact, even in the cold of winter.
But, a cool advert in a glossy magazine, has manage to make me take a step forward and tried a, may I say, crazy, really bold color of lipstick.
Exactly what it happened with the kitty cat glasses, this bold, strident pink shade, was turned my world upside down and in just a couple of minutes, I when from being a lip salve girl to wearing a fuchsia fever lipstick. Yes, you read well, fuchsia, an intense pink made my lips pop out and attract all the eyes that managed to interact with me. (I wasn’t on a man hunt, just trying to live differently and to were bold things without making me feel weird).

Fashion advice of the day!
Just do it! I know that most of you, just like me, have wondered how it would be to wear those bright colors that look perfect in the adverts on TV and then quickly change the thought because that type of color is available for just some women. Well, may I tell you, that’s not true!
I never wore even lipstick, what can I say about bright colors, which can be seen from a distance. LOOL
But, you should because it looks great! Yes you need to know what color suits you but that doesn’t mean hours of learning and trying, it just needs courage and a good advice from the sales person in the store.
So, till you decide to actually go in a store and try the bold colors, here some advice on what to keep in mind when buying a bright lipstick:
  • Choose the lipstick that essentially has vitamin, vitamin oils, and moisturizers that give your lips the much needed care. Since you apply it on your lips, you need to be very careful while you select the lipstick and ensure that you have the right components. This is because the skin of your lips is very sensitive and they might darken if you use a lipstick with wrong components. Lipstick without the moisturizers and necessary vitamin causes dry and chapped lips.
  • Select the right texture. You can find lipsticks with various textures: from light, glossy to thick and glossy. Different individuals have dissimilar likings and selecting the textures depends on ones comfort factor. Therefore, only go for that texture which will make you feel at ease.
  • Picking out the color.  A lot of women think that all the shades of pink or red look the same to them. My tip is to go to the drugstore or department store and just start picking out shades you like from the different lines you like. Once you have five colors that pique you, line them up next to each other. When shades are lined up you can see, “Oh, this is the more orange one, or this looks a touch cooler, plummier.” Understand? I never pick a makeup color (lip or otherwise) without lining it up against similar shades. Like my mom said, “We may not know what we like, but we definitely know what we don’t like.” Try it!
  • Brighter lip color is a responsibility. I like going out with a bold lip to wearing a white dress. You have to pay attention. Bold lips aren’t casual. If you want the wow factor, you have to pay for it . . . with attention. A pop-of-color lip look means you have to reapply (with a mirror) a few more times than you would a sheer gloss. The lines need to stay crisp to look the most striking. You can either look at this as a pain in the butt or as delicious, girly moments throughout the night. It’s well worth it. A bright lip is confident, sexy!
  • If shades of pink are not for you, red may come in handy. What color red is best for my skin tone? Here’s an easy guide: the paler you are, the bluer the red. The darker you are, the warmer the red. In a nutshell: if you are very pale, like Nicole Kidman, you want a cool-toned red. Midtoned gals like Jennifer Aniston should use a warmer red. The trick of having a red with a touch of gold is perfect for everyone, but especially midtoned gals who may have trouble eyeing a warm red. Deeper skin-toned gals, like Rosario Dawson, should err on the warm, orange-y side. A nice brick red would have the most flattering, cohesive effect.
And don’t forget, life is too short to get hung on small things, wear anything you might like and be proud of yourself.
I have to say, that the lipstick that I bought is called: Fuchsia fever from Maybelline.http://bit.ly/PH3Ok1
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Fashion History: The Kyoto Costume Institute.

From the goody bag received on my birthday, I sill have amazing things to look, learn and read from. One of them is this: „Moda. Una historia de la moda del siglo XX”.
Ooo yes, the fashion, my daily love. 😀
I haven’t yet managed to find some time just for this adorable book but I can say this showcasing a vast selection from the Institute’s archives of skilled photographs depicting the clothing expertly displayed and arranged on custom-made mannequins, Fashion is a fascinating excursion through a century of clothing trends.
The Kyoto Costume Institute believes that “clothing is an essential manifestation of our very being” and their passion and dedication positively radiate from every page of this book. More about the institute can be found here: http://www.kci.or.jp/archives/digital_archives/index_e.html
Fashion advice of the day!
Don’t just wear clothes; learn about them, about color, fabrics and implicitly about fashion.  It’s more important to know what’s behind the outfit that looks good in the mirror, then to just wear what you read in a magazine that this year should be in your wardrobe.
You will find your style and direction if you will allow the time to read about fashion, ideas and directions.
The book that I received can be order from here: http://amzn.to/12k1HIt
Other books that might inspire you:
Good ridding my dear friends.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Becoming a kitty cat!

Since I remember I always had a clear definition on what I like & dislike. Also I kept a firm position, over the years, regarding different types of patterns and clothes when it came to women and men.
But as life shows us, this firmly statement that I kept so long, have been demolished but a simple friendly advice, sometimes just act on it without even thinking about what it means and what you used to do.
So, I decided to act on it and the simplest way, of course is related to fashion.
One lovely evening in an eyeglass store, I found something that year ago I would have laughed about and make silly jokes. But this time I decided to try them on and gust what, with my new hair cute it looked, well what can I say, I’m not the one to brag about myself, but I must tell that they looked really, unexpectedly, perfect!
I quickly bought them but the usually thoughts that they look silly, good on only some types of women, if you know what I mean, were making my head a mess.
So, it took two weeks to finally were them outside (laughing out loud at myself) but the result was really astonishing and the compliment, well I was flattered.
This is how I, Laura, the boyish girl with the firm attitude, became the kitty type of woman.  And I must say that I now am proud of my new style of glasses.
Fashion advice of the day!
I know you have a style and strict opinions of what is good or not when it comes to your fashion, but as I just discover and I wanna share with you, sometimes the things that seams the farthest might be the best for you. So, please, give up and enjoy a silly pare of panther type glasses, or an extra short skirt and any other thing that you wouldn’t normally were.
Me, I now look like this, the kitty cat!
And because somethings I hope will never change, a special song for me, to all out there still resistant to silly changes:
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Friday casual.

It’s finally here, the all mighty Friday that we all were looking for several day now. And because this very expected day need to be welcomed in style, a managed to tepid a casual, like this day, outfit that include a very dear to me piece of clothing, the denim vest!
Since I was 12 and my all rock and roll brother started to wear a denim metal, ACDC inscription vest, I made a pact that the denim vest will always be a part of my wardrobe. And there you have it, since I can remember, the vest fitted perfectly with my clothes and my personality, as long as it was made from denim.
Fashion advice of the day!
Its Friday, you should were a denim vest! I did. 🙂
To still be ok for work, I matched with a shirt that has a bow and short pants. I’m allowed to wear pants like this at the office, but if for you the short part is a problem you can add some skinny jeans or a jeans skirt.
I still were the boots, from yesterday’s post, but this nice weather also allows you to were studded ballet flats, any color you choose.
For denim vest inspiration:
And some tips & tricks for rocking a denim vest:
  • Choose a size.
From oversized to shrunken and every silhouette in between, there is an option to complement every body type and personal style.
What to pick first? Try a mid-length vest with a relaxed fit. This cut is universally flattering and can be worked into a wardrobe or outfit with ease.
  • Watch the proportions.
Roomier vests look great when paired with slimmer, arm-bearing tops or short tiered dresses, while shrunken styles pair nicely with free-flowing blouses and fitted bottoms. In any case, it’s about creating an outfit that’s mixed and matched in terms of form and figure: play up your opposites and you’ll be good to go!
  •  Pick a color.
The trendiest hue of the season? A faded, sun-kissed light blue that looks great with just about every other color, especially darker denim shades.
  • Good for the fall.
Just about any vest makes a great layering piece, and this trendy style is no exception. In upcoming seasons, your vest will make an adorable topper to long sleeve shirts or 3/4-sleeve dresses.
That’s all folks. 🙂
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

My kind of embroidery

We are one of that family were the boy is much quiet then the girl :)) that being said I’m the naughty child of my sweet family and I was the one always in trouble and being lectured by my parents.
This behavior affected my way of being and my decisions when it comes to food, play, cloths and other stuff, so I usually  were cool or funky cloths but the elegant and very sweet outfit are not really for me.
Till this blue cardigan with, wait a second and another one, embroidery. Yes, it’s true, it has a very girly and feminine and cute pattern on the neck called embroidery, but what can I say, I like it!
Fashion advice of the day!
You, all of you, not feminine, not girly type of girls, you can were does sweet blouses, cardigans, sweaters and skirts as long as….this is the tricky part, you combine them with an opposite type of cloths. Like me today, this cute cardigan is combined with a pair of short jeans, boots and a big, masculine belt.
Short jeans: http://bit.ly/XftglK
It’s that simple and it looks really nice, and I promise you, mom won’t say you never dress like a girl, anymore!
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Aquablue day.

After years of make-up and even an intense course on how to apply make-up it’s still a challenge to me to diversify everyday but also keep the style and the simplicity needed for a day make-up.
I’m usually the one with the brown color in her purse and the simple black pencil, till one day, more specifically, to days a o, when my dear mother  bought a aquablue/ turquoise eyeliner. At first my impression was: No, I will not year something like day during the day, and going out in the evening I prefer a grey smoky eyes, so, in the end I will not use it at all.
But, one night the stars alignment: D and in the morning my brand new outfit needed I touch of turquoise on my face or nails in order to look perfect. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the nails are my last, but last option to make/change so the easiest thing to do was to use the new eyeliner.
I was so scared that I will look like a circus clown that I barely touched my face with it at first, but the smooth, silky line that was complimenting my eyes, made so happy that I started making a kind of thick line above my eyelashes.
Happy happy was I will the result.
Fashion advice of the day!
Sometimes all you need is a new color for your eyes to make every outfit look perfect. You can try as I did the turquoise or pink, orange or any color that till now you wouldn’t dare to put on your face.
Some tips & tricks can be found here: bit.ly/XvYmqO
But don’t forget that the day make-up should be much simple and colorless them the one for the evening.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!