Bright B’day!

I’m still not comfortable to present myself, so I will continue with my short but to the point daily advices.
Today, is a really important day me, being my B’day, and I decided to dress simple at work, the flashy outfit is set for tonight. But, I like color and print, patterns and fabric, and I needed to manage a simple but funky combination that can go easy at work and out with friends, when it’s not your birthday. 🙂
 I been playing around with patterns for a very long time, from when my mother stopped dressing me and the models, the hard, complicated one always fascinate me, don’t even get me started with the colors, I have a light blue table in my living room with pink and grey chairs. To explain the color frenzies.
Fashion advice of the day!
Combine, I know you know to mix stuff, but sometimes the mixing is a bit too much, for just a simple day at work.
What to do then? Add just a bright/bold color, the rest can be simple, white, grey, blue; all of them go good with yellow, fuchsia or bold red.
Might seem I bit too low, no worries, patterns are here to help: – just a little preview of what patterns are and the multitude of shapes that they can give to everything from paper to clothes.
My choice of the day is this, bright yellow and flower patterns go perfect with the B’day happiness and also scare the winter away.
Have a great day, my dear fashion addicts.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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