How it all started

I do admit that I wanted to do this for so long, I can’t even remember, but being raised in a family where respect and comment sense is an important part, I was always I bit shay in exposing myself to all out there.
So, in order to make the change more suitable for me and to take it one step at the time, I decided to start with a daily advice regarding fashion or my fashion and my style and how I managed to accumulate all this notions, through the years I have devoured all the information that came from abroad.
Fashion advice of the day!
Even if its winter, all snowing and cold, you can still add your make through a bow tie. Slick, elegant and easy to ware, the blow tie can come in handy when it’s too cold to where just a shirt and the old worm sweater is overdue.
Mine is bought from a vintage faire, which took place at La Scena, a couple of years ago. Is from silk and is for men, but it suits me.
For the ones that fashion is not just something you copy from a magazine, here is a bit from the story behind the bow tie:
During the Prussian wars of the 17th century, Croatian mercenaries would wear colorful ‘scarves’ around their necks to, among other things, denote rank and distinguish officer from enlisted man. The French, who were fighting alongside the Croats, were mightily impressed with this fashion innovation, and took the idea back home with them; adopting it as their own. The resulting neck adornments were called ‘cravats’, and became quite the rage among the upper crust of French society. Whether or not these cravats first spawned the bow tie, and then the straight tie, or the other way around is not known. What is most likely, is that they evolved together and concurrently. Be this as it may, the bow tie had been born, and was around to stay.
The well-dressed gentleman has been associated with the bow tie through the modern age. They have instilled confidence in our leaders, from Benjamin Disraeli to Winston Churchill in Great Britain, to the United States, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt rocked a bow tie into the White House, and of course one could go on and on with men of distinction who donned the bow tie with great effect. We shall leave that topic for another delightful time.

Offer happiness, receive kindness!


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