Girlish brick-red!

Well, crazy funky Laura can’t be present all the time, so there are many moments when I prefer the girlish part of me. You know that one that is funny, easy going but also shy and mysterious.

This is what happened on a sunny day at the beginning of the weekend, then the girlish, shy and delicate person come to life and when strolling through the town.  How did I show that today I’m from the girlish part? With just one piece, a hat, spring color and simple shape, brick-red and funny I can show the world, today I’m all about feminine, delicate and shy attitude. 🙂




Fashion advice of the day!

You can’t always be that slick, sharp, edge woman that can cut through everything, and you need to know that first for yourself and health, second for the ones around you.

If you are like me, that type that can say directly what they feel like and how they are on a specific day, the easy way to give an impression and to avoid complicated discussions is to wearing girlish, feminine outfits. You don’t have an entire costume that can state this feeling?

 Don’t worry all you need is a hat, a scarf or even a necklace with a feminine pendant on it. I can assure you that every person around will know that on this day you are delicate beautiful type of female that can wear with pride all the pink and rose in the world. 🙂

Me, I’m all about strong pink so to be girlish I choose this cute, feminine hat that made me feel 20 and happy!


Girlish brick-red

Offer happiness, receive kindness!