Another part of living based on the advices given by my best friends, took me yet to one more different decision, but this time regarding my lips.
For me lipstick has always meant lip salve, a way to regenerate and keep the natural color of my lips intact, even in the cold of winter.
But, a cool advert in a glossy magazine, has manage to make me take a step forward and tried a, may I say, crazy, really bold color of lipstick.
Exactly what it happened with the kitty cat glasses, this bold, strident pink shade, was turned my world upside down and in just a couple of minutes, I when from being a lip salve girl to wearing a fuchsia fever lipstick. Yes, you read well, fuchsia, an intense pink made my lips pop out and attract all the eyes that managed to interact with me. (I wasn’t on a man hunt, just trying to live differently and to were bold things without making me feel weird).

Fashion advice of the day!
Just do it! I know that most of you, just like me, have wondered how it would be to wear those bright colors that look perfect in the adverts on TV and then quickly change the thought because that type of color is available for just some women. Well, may I tell you, that’s not true!
I never wore even lipstick, what can I say about bright colors, which can be seen from a distance. LOOL
But, you should because it looks great! Yes you need to know what color suits you but that doesn’t mean hours of learning and trying, it just needs courage and a good advice from the sales person in the store.
So, till you decide to actually go in a store and try the bold colors, here some advice on what to keep in mind when buying a bright lipstick:
  • Choose the lipstick that essentially has vitamin, vitamin oils, and moisturizers that give your lips the much needed care. Since you apply it on your lips, you need to be very careful while you select the lipstick and ensure that you have the right components. This is because the skin of your lips is very sensitive and they might darken if you use a lipstick with wrong components. Lipstick without the moisturizers and necessary vitamin causes dry and chapped lips.
  • Select the right texture. You can find lipsticks with various textures: from light, glossy to thick and glossy. Different individuals have dissimilar likings and selecting the textures depends on ones comfort factor. Therefore, only go for that texture which will make you feel at ease.
  • Picking out the color.  A lot of women think that all the shades of pink or red look the same to them. My tip is to go to the drugstore or department store and just start picking out shades you like from the different lines you like. Once you have five colors that pique you, line them up next to each other. When shades are lined up you can see, “Oh, this is the more orange one, or this looks a touch cooler, plummier.” Understand? I never pick a makeup color (lip or otherwise) without lining it up against similar shades. Like my mom said, “We may not know what we like, but we definitely know what we don’t like.” Try it!
  • Brighter lip color is a responsibility. I like going out with a bold lip to wearing a white dress. You have to pay attention. Bold lips aren’t casual. If you want the wow factor, you have to pay for it . . . with attention. A pop-of-color lip look means you have to reapply (with a mirror) a few more times than you would a sheer gloss. The lines need to stay crisp to look the most striking. You can either look at this as a pain in the butt or as delicious, girly moments throughout the night. It’s well worth it. A bright lip is confident, sexy!
  • If shades of pink are not for you, red may come in handy. What color red is best for my skin tone? Here’s an easy guide: the paler you are, the bluer the red. The darker you are, the warmer the red. In a nutshell: if you are very pale, like Nicole Kidman, you want a cool-toned red. Midtoned gals like Jennifer Aniston should use a warmer red. The trick of having a red with a touch of gold is perfect for everyone, but especially midtoned gals who may have trouble eyeing a warm red. Deeper skin-toned gals, like Rosario Dawson, should err on the warm, orange-y side. A nice brick red would have the most flattering, cohesive effect.
And don’t forget, life is too short to get hung on small things, wear anything you might like and be proud of yourself.
I have to say, that the lipstick that I bought is called: Fuchsia fever from Maybelline.http://bit.ly/PH3Ok1
Offer happiness, receive kindness!