Femininity with a twist

To every fashion addicted, fashion magazines are a must in everyday activities and a very important inspiration guide.

I have to admit that I usually read online magazine and especially the ones abroad. 😀 I know is not that ok and I do respect the Romanian magazines, I have friends working there but my style or at list the one that I aspire to is more like an autumn day on a New York street or a cool stroll on a Amsterdam sidewalk.

So, today in the morning while looking for cool articles and inspirational outfits I found this new campaign I’m a woman and… that tries to contra attack the idea that if you are a women there are certain things that you need to do or don’t do.

Fashion advice of the day!

Except reading online abroad magazines, also try to daily find your inspiration in things. Read, lessen, and absorb all the information that comes to you. You will never know from there that brilliant idea will appear and transform you, your style, life and attitude.

Below you can find the inspirational campaign that might bring you a boost on this sunny day 🙂

i'm a woman and


Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Lost in the big city lights!

I adore All Hollow magazine! It’s my kind all the way and every issue is a pleasure to see and read.

And this time, I found an even better combination, All Hollow and Lightaholic. Hihihih (glowing)

Hightaholic is an amazing blogger of street fashion and I’m a lucky person for having the chance to meet him in an informal place. I was preparing some interviews for a big event he was on the list. It was a pleasure hearing him talk about his blog, choices, decisions and future plan.

I have to tell you, his professional and the knowledge he was about cameras, made me feel a bit out of the subject. A bit more Hahaha

Coming back to this sensational combination, below is a pure demonstration that will make you want to buy a camera or cloths or shoes, either way we will crave for some shopping.

IMG_3665-668x1024 IMG_3347-677x1024 IMG_35321-1024x661

Fashion advice of the day!

Follow Lightaholic and any other street fashion blogs, in my opinion fashion is what people make every day when they open the closet and pick something.  This is the real thing, based on human decisions, no matter what the influence is, in the end any person will pick what their guts is telling them.

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Source: http://allhollow.com

My kind of corner.

I’m about to start a new topic that I would like to talk about every week, especially now when the summer has come with such an amazing weather and tones of green.

During the last few years, in my town have sprung many cool, chic, urban places all good for chill out hangouts with friends over wine.

Because, as sad many times this year is about change and new adventures, I decided to explore every week one of this new cool places, that make any day a special one.

After the Urbanesc and the all mighty good food, today I would like to talk about Maison 13.

A place where you can eat well, drink sophisticated beverages, socialize unexpected, have fun and enjoy a really cool design. It’s a concept to make you relax, think outside the box and charge your batteries.

Maison 13 can be the place where you can feel at home, or at work, in a cool restaurant or in a club and for the ones with lots of imagination eve Paris or New York. 🙂


And because talking about a place is not really my thing I will show you a corner, a small location that makes this place the IT place for me.


IMG_1155[1] IMG_1156[1]

If this captured your attention maybe you should that a walk all the way to New York through this beautify house on Dumbrava Rosie street.

PS: this place goes very well with a song like this: Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane

More about Maison 13, here:  http://www.coolavenue.ro/

Offer happiness, receive kindness!