I should be ashamed because all week long I haven’t managed to write more than just one post. I know there is no excuse and I’m not trying to find one, just saying the obvious (I’m indeed blushing if that helps in any way ;)))

Now, the good thing is that I when to a lot of very nice, cool, chic places and enjoyed the company of many amazing people.

First thing first, the very chill and summerish concert that I when to on Monday, last week. 

I have to say that I’m one of those persons for how music is not just a way to relax, is an extremely important part of my life; I do, really, live with music. 90% of the times there is a song in my ear that makes that moment of my life so much better.

The same thing with the concert from Energiea in collaboration with Radio Guerrilla, to which I went on Monday, last week. It was the one and only, Moonlight Breakfast!

The romantic part of me was dancing in the street on my way to listen to those notes, the cool part was enjoying the idea of having some many hipsters next to me, and the other part (I do have multiple personalities) was just happy to enjoy the music. And the music was indeed great, perfect more to say, with the thrilling sounds of jazz and the very romantic voice of Christie.


Fashion advice of the day!

Summers, is the summerish period when you should enjoy all the small and simple things available during a day. Wall to work or home, listen to sounds of the street, were white! Simple shoes, big bags and your favorite sounds in your ear will make even the hottest day just an easy, chill walk in the park!

And one more thing, do go and see Moonlight Breakfast is you have the chance!

Offer happiness, receive kindness!