Small wishes always come true.

This holiday the focus was on one little and cute thing that now is the most important part of my family. And because we all revolve around her, there was no time for family gifts shopping and Ester bunny presents.

But, someone took the time to get for me a small wish that was on my “for the home” list for some time now.


Well, all that I can say is that these small, really simple and sometimes overlooked wishes are the best, and they make you dream a million sweet ways that you can use/put/wear them.


Fashion advice of the day!

We all what that perfect, big, gorgeous gift, but life does not let us have it all the time so please don’t forget about the little basket that goes perfect with the new furniture, or the simple photo frame that can hide the corners of the on the beach picture with your best friend. They are small and somehow unimportant but the dreams they make are more than just big, they are long lasting. 🙂


Offer happiness, receive kindness!