Aquablue day.

After years of make-up and even an intense course on how to apply make-up it’s still a challenge to me to diversify everyday but also keep the style and the simplicity needed for a day make-up.
I’m usually the one with the brown color in her purse and the simple black pencil, till one day, more specifically, to days a o, when my dear mother  bought a aquablue/ turquoise eyeliner. At first my impression was: No, I will not year something like day during the day, and going out in the evening I prefer a grey smoky eyes, so, in the end I will not use it at all.
But, one night the stars alignment: D and in the morning my brand new outfit needed I touch of turquoise on my face or nails in order to look perfect. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the nails are my last, but last option to make/change so the easiest thing to do was to use the new eyeliner.
I was so scared that I will look like a circus clown that I barely touched my face with it at first, but the smooth, silky line that was complimenting my eyes, made so happy that I started making a kind of thick line above my eyelashes.
Happy happy was I will the result.
Fashion advice of the day!
Sometimes all you need is a new color for your eyes to make every outfit look perfect. You can try as I did the turquoise or pink, orange or any color that till now you wouldn’t dare to put on your face.
Some tips & tricks can be found here:
But don’t forget that the day make-up should be much simple and colorless them the one for the evening.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

It’s the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle!

So true!
My I tell you about a new, small and amazing bottle that I found in a gift bag for my birthday. It’s called Benetint and it can make you look innocent yet provocative, by offering a natural sheer and what can I tell: it’s sexy on all complexions!
The little bottle has a red tint that can change the looks of your lips and cheeks, in one touch of your fingertips.
The fashion advice of the day:
Were, Benetint!
In the morning, try a simple type of makeup, just an eyeliner and mascara, then add the magic from the bottle with the brush on your cheeks and lips and blend quickly with your fingertip.
The effect: perfect rose, like in the old French and romantic movies, were the great female actress wins the heart of all the male characters.
 Amazing flushes to all of you.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!