First time the occasion made the outfit.

As it would already been notice, I like to dress myself as good as I can and consider, no matter the occasion. Cute dresses and flats are one of my favorite things but I always try to add a bit of naughty to it, because of the boy in me. 😀

But this time, the occasion made the outfit, may I say that for the first time this happened… well it was somehow bound to do so.

This Sunday, my family became bigger, one more was added in a very cute and earthy way, and with it I transformed myself into an aunt.  Yes, you did hear it right I now have a huge responsibility to teach this little one what life and fashion is all about. So, the first impression was bound to be the most important and for first time, I was nervous to show myself in front of this amazing creature.

I wanted to show so much of what is out there want can be mix that I choose to main, may I say, thing that should be in everybody’s closet. The flattering dress and the convers! Plus a bit of red, I consider this color to be some kind of red bull, because every time I have it on me I can do anything.




Fashion advice of the day!

Every time you go out, you show someone what out there. Someone will see it and would duplicate it as good as possible. So, maybe we should thing a bit, analyze what we do, this doesn’t mean we should change our style but a little bit of perspective, a new angle, can sometimes help us make the right or the simple decision that can offer a new comer a direction, and a good one!

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

The story of the clutch.

Let me tell you the story of the bag, because I actually have a silly story like this, which happened about two years ago.

One day I was strolling through a store and there it was: all shinny and colorful, the clutch of my dreams just waiting for me to pick it up and enjoy endless days with it on my arm.

But this great bag had a not so great price and all the outfits in my mind suddenly despaired and there was left only sadness. Yes, I can be sad because of bag and I state up high that I’m not a superficial girl, trust me on that! 😉

So the endless search for a lower price started all the boutiques here, friends that know friends that can find stuff :)) even a Barcelona despair search took place just to get it. But, as it was expected no luck, no luck at all.

Till one day, when a friend of a friend knew a friend that worked in a place (it is not a joke :)))), a special place from where I could have bought the clutch at a much lower price.

So, all undercover I went and paid and finally get it! Oooo what a moment, what a thrill and happiness to finally have it! Many plans were about to happen, but as usually it took me months till I actually took it and head out for a night into town.



Fashion advice of the day!

If you want it, go for it, struggle and you will find the best solution. Maybe this can be an all in advice, related to any situation, but because this post is about a clutch go and buy it after you find it as you want it. The clutch, the dress, the bathing suit, whatever you desire, because there is always a way and you are smart enough to find it. On your mark, get set, gooooo!

Offer happiness, receive kindness!