Blue on the street!

I’m one of those persons for which color is a big part of her life, starting with clothes, wall paint, make-up to car color and even the Iphone cover needs to have some bright shades.

But to mix and match all this color is not an easy task and sometimes even the best can get it wrong.

So, in order to avoid big damages, its best to play a little trick: choose just one bold, bright color and wear it proud.  The rest of the outfit can be formed by just one/two colors, preferable pale. 🙂

Fashion advice of the day!

Buy/wear an electric colored pair of shoes! If you don’t have one, now is the time to go shopping, the choices are countless and combinations can make even the simplest outfit an amazing get out and party ensemble. Don’t be afraid of electric color; just remember to wear one thing so bright the rest need to be kept simple and classy.

Don’t worry about the other accessories because with the perfect shoes the rest don’t event cont. Just walk bravely and all eyes will be on you, trust me!

I today, just did that with this all blue gorgeous pair of Pat Calvin lace-up shoe. In the middle of the day, I went for a glass of wine with dear friends and may I tell you what an impression the electric blue shoes made on everybody. 🙂





Some choices:

Crystal-embellished grosgrain slippers

Dégradé sequined slippers

Multi-strap suede sandalsDégradé sequined slippers

Offer happiness, receive kindness!