Studs & spikes for the spring

Friday casual many times means jeans and convers, but this time because it’s a beautiful day with a lot of sun, I choose to use this casual day to wear one of my fav shoes, golden studded suede flats!

My belonging looks like these:

photophoto (1)photo

Today almost every brand has studs & spikes in their shoes collections and this means that you can see many times of studs at bracelets, scarves, shorts, tops, jackets, leggings, hats, bags & even at sunglasses!

There’s something so amazing about wearing spikes and studs. The juxtaposition of beautiful femininity and cold sharp metal I think is more than just cool.

Fashion advice of the day!

Buy/wear a pair of these great studded loafers on a sunny day!

This trend is a great and easy way to add spice and surprise to any outfit. Whether you’re wearing elegant ballet flats with studs on them, spiked jewelry, studded bags, or a long flowing dress decorated with spikes at the shoulders, you are sure to get double takes wherever you go.

No longer just for rocker girls and punk chicks, spikes and studs are quickly becoming one of girls’ new best friends, so why not take your turn walking a little on the wild side. J

To get some inspiration, look here: Studded loafers

If those weren’t enough, step into spring in these delightful Marc by Marc Jacobs coral studded mouse flats!

Firstly, coral is one of the top colors of the season and secondly, look at those tiny, adorable ears! The studs add a perfect balance of edginess to the cuteness factor.

Freshen up your daily winter style with a splash of playful coral.


Some ideas why you should were these amazing, crazy studded loafers.


They are fun:

The first thing to remember is that studded loafers are fun. There is no taking yourself too seriously with these shoes.

Trend-clash or too many trends at once:

The second thing to thing about is the overall look. I don’t like strict fashion rules, but I’m a fan of thinking things through. Don’t be a trend slave. If your entire outfit is flowery maybe don’t wear the studded loafers because we have what we call “trend-clash”.

Wearing too many trends at once, or overdoing one trend can also be a little tacky, so if you are wearing a cool studded purse or an awesome studded belt, skip the studded loafers.

Great for walking:

The loafers are a nice trend for those of us who are good friends with strokes through the park and long walk in the town.

Cute with… all things

You can wear them with almost anything, but if wearing regular pants make sure that the length is okay and not skimming the ground).

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

Friday casual.

It’s finally here, the all mighty Friday that we all were looking for several day now. And because this very expected day need to be welcomed in style, a managed to tepid a casual, like this day, outfit that include a very dear to me piece of clothing, the denim vest!
Since I was 12 and my all rock and roll brother started to wear a denim metal, ACDC inscription vest, I made a pact that the denim vest will always be a part of my wardrobe. And there you have it, since I can remember, the vest fitted perfectly with my clothes and my personality, as long as it was made from denim.
Fashion advice of the day!
Its Friday, you should were a denim vest! I did. 🙂
To still be ok for work, I matched with a shirt that has a bow and short pants. I’m allowed to wear pants like this at the office, but if for you the short part is a problem you can add some skinny jeans or a jeans skirt.
I still were the boots, from yesterday’s post, but this nice weather also allows you to were studded ballet flats, any color you choose.
For denim vest inspiration:
And some tips & tricks for rocking a denim vest:
  • Choose a size.
From oversized to shrunken and every silhouette in between, there is an option to complement every body type and personal style.
What to pick first? Try a mid-length vest with a relaxed fit. This cut is universally flattering and can be worked into a wardrobe or outfit with ease.
  • Watch the proportions.
Roomier vests look great when paired with slimmer, arm-bearing tops or short tiered dresses, while shrunken styles pair nicely with free-flowing blouses and fitted bottoms. In any case, it’s about creating an outfit that’s mixed and matched in terms of form and figure: play up your opposites and you’ll be good to go!
  •  Pick a color.
The trendiest hue of the season? A faded, sun-kissed light blue that looks great with just about every other color, especially darker denim shades.
  • Good for the fall.
Just about any vest makes a great layering piece, and this trendy style is no exception. In upcoming seasons, your vest will make an adorable topper to long sleeve shirts or 3/4-sleeve dresses.
That’s all folks. 🙂
Offer happiness, receive kindness!