My kind of corner.

I’m about to start a new topic that I would like to talk about every week, especially now when the summer has come with such an amazing weather and tones of green.

During the last few years, in my town have sprung many cool, chic, urban places all good for chill out hangouts with friends over wine.

Because, as sad many times this year is about change and new adventures, I decided to explore every week one of this new cool places, that make any day a special one.

After the Urbanesc and the all mighty good food, today I would like to talk about Maison 13.

A place where you can eat well, drink sophisticated beverages, socialize unexpected, have fun and enjoy a really cool design. It’s a concept to make you relax, think outside the box and charge your batteries.

Maison 13 can be the place where you can feel at home, or at work, in a cool restaurant or in a club and for the ones with lots of imagination eve Paris or New York. 🙂


And because talking about a place is not really my thing I will show you a corner, a small location that makes this place the IT place for me.


IMG_1155[1] IMG_1156[1]

If this captured your attention maybe you should that a walk all the way to New York through this beautify house on Dumbrava Rosie street.

PS: this place goes very well with a song like this: Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane

More about Maison 13, here:

Offer happiness, receive kindness!


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