Another addictive thing.

When I first started this blog, not too long ago:)), the main idea was to add my type of advices regarding what I call fashion and style. But because this is my blog I realized that I can add whatever I want.

This made me so happy that today I will talk about another addictive thing in my life: Food! Meaning good food, made with special ingredients that can melt even the most heartless food critic. :))

I do like to cook, especially recipes from other countries and I’m always on the look fro stores that have ingredients from all around the world.

But I do admit that a big part of the things that come out of my oven comes from the places that I visit and eat most of their menu.

Last week in my search for new thing to make in my almost ready condo in the middle of the city, (I have to brag about it’s such a big, happy, amazing thing that I managed to achieve last year) I found this place, Urbanesc that give me a great idea for the kitchen.

I just must tell you that I’m from that category: that kitchen is for cooking and that cooking goes really good with fashion and style and amazing clothes.  I’m not ashamed to get my hands dirty with flower and butter. 😀

Coming back to the post of the day, in this great old house, with perfect ceilings I eat all this splendid dishes:

By the book ratatouille on a polenta bed


An apple-raisins milfoil with caramel sauce


Yes, I know you mouth is watering, but this might make you to go to thins amazing place, eat all the delicious things in the menu and then try them at home. 🙂

To say that I still kept the fashion part, here are some cool aprons:

Jessie Steel


Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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