Paws & Hoes

Today is more about life advice then fashion, but for me fashion is a big part of my life so it’s just normal to introduce all sorts of newly learned things to you.

Not too long ago, I was all reaped up in finding the perfect gift for someone’s B’day, but the cash was low and time was not on my side, so I had to find something creative, really creative, not too expensive and different.

In my quest I stumble upon this cool and quirky page that offers t-shirts with different types of text: No Eye Patch.

The process was very quick and in just a couple of days the present was in my possession and I was excited to give it.

But, as life always showed me, best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray and the well searched gift was left with no owner, I will not get into the details because this is not that type of blog. 😀

What to do with the present?! A close friend suggested that I kept it for myself and one day when it all was given limbo I would wear it, and so I did. I wore the t-shirt in a sunny day, proud of my doing and happy that the moment finally came.


Fashion advice of the day!

You go do that, the plan and the thing specially prepared for someone or for something should be used on the spot, not when the time is perfect because that might not ever come.

Same with clothes, I know, you are keeping that new dress for a special occasion, but this time you should trust me when I say, wear it! Today, tomorrow, as soon as possible and it will make you feel amazing, happy and all glowing.

Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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