It’s the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle!

So true!
My I tell you about a new, small and amazing bottle that I found in a gift bag for my birthday. It’s called Benetint and it can make you look innocent yet provocative, by offering a natural sheer and what can I tell: it’s sexy on all complexions!
The little bottle has a red tint that can change the looks of your lips and cheeks, in one touch of your fingertips.
The fashion advice of the day:
Were, Benetint!
In the morning, try a simple type of makeup, just an eyeliner and mascara, then add the magic from the bottle with the brush on your cheeks and lips and blend quickly with your fingertip.
The effect: perfect rose, like in the old French and romantic movies, were the great female actress wins the heart of all the male characters.
 Amazing flushes to all of you.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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