Friday casual.

It’s finally here, the all mighty Friday that we all were looking for several day now. And because this very expected day need to be welcomed in style, a managed to tepid a casual, like this day, outfit that include a very dear to me piece of clothing, the denim vest!
Since I was 12 and my all rock and roll brother started to wear a denim metal, ACDC inscription vest, I made a pact that the denim vest will always be a part of my wardrobe. And there you have it, since I can remember, the vest fitted perfectly with my clothes and my personality, as long as it was made from denim.
Fashion advice of the day!
Its Friday, you should were a denim vest! I did. 🙂
To still be ok for work, I matched with a shirt that has a bow and short pants. I’m allowed to wear pants like this at the office, but if for you the short part is a problem you can add some skinny jeans or a jeans skirt.
I still were the boots, from yesterday’s post, but this nice weather also allows you to were studded ballet flats, any color you choose.
For denim vest inspiration:
And some tips & tricks for rocking a denim vest:
  • Choose a size.
From oversized to shrunken and every silhouette in between, there is an option to complement every body type and personal style.
What to pick first? Try a mid-length vest with a relaxed fit. This cut is universally flattering and can be worked into a wardrobe or outfit with ease.
  • Watch the proportions.
Roomier vests look great when paired with slimmer, arm-bearing tops or short tiered dresses, while shrunken styles pair nicely with free-flowing blouses and fitted bottoms. In any case, it’s about creating an outfit that’s mixed and matched in terms of form and figure: play up your opposites and you’ll be good to go!
  •  Pick a color.
The trendiest hue of the season? A faded, sun-kissed light blue that looks great with just about every other color, especially darker denim shades.
  • Good for the fall.
Just about any vest makes a great layering piece, and this trendy style is no exception. In upcoming seasons, your vest will make an adorable topper to long sleeve shirts or 3/4-sleeve dresses.
That’s all folks. 🙂
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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