Fashion History: The Kyoto Costume Institute.

From the goody bag received on my birthday, I sill have amazing things to look, learn and read from. One of them is this: „Moda. Una historia de la moda del siglo XX”.
Ooo yes, the fashion, my daily love. 😀
I haven’t yet managed to find some time just for this adorable book but I can say this showcasing a vast selection from the Institute’s archives of skilled photographs depicting the clothing expertly displayed and arranged on custom-made mannequins, Fashion is a fascinating excursion through a century of clothing trends.
The Kyoto Costume Institute believes that “clothing is an essential manifestation of our very being” and their passion and dedication positively radiate from every page of this book. More about the institute can be found here:
Fashion advice of the day!
Don’t just wear clothes; learn about them, about color, fabrics and implicitly about fashion.  It’s more important to know what’s behind the outfit that looks good in the mirror, then to just wear what you read in a magazine that this year should be in your wardrobe.
You will find your style and direction if you will allow the time to read about fashion, ideas and directions.
The book that I received can be order from here:
Other books that might inspire you:
Good ridding my dear friends.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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