Aquablue day.

After years of make-up and even an intense course on how to apply make-up it’s still a challenge to me to diversify everyday but also keep the style and the simplicity needed for a day make-up.
I’m usually the one with the brown color in her purse and the simple black pencil, till one day, more specifically, to days a o, when my dear mother  bought a aquablue/ turquoise eyeliner. At first my impression was: No, I will not year something like day during the day, and going out in the evening I prefer a grey smoky eyes, so, in the end I will not use it at all.
But, one night the stars alignment: D and in the morning my brand new outfit needed I touch of turquoise on my face or nails in order to look perfect. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the nails are my last, but last option to make/change so the easiest thing to do was to use the new eyeliner.
I was so scared that I will look like a circus clown that I barely touched my face with it at first, but the smooth, silky line that was complimenting my eyes, made so happy that I started making a kind of thick line above my eyelashes.
Happy happy was I will the result.
Fashion advice of the day!
Sometimes all you need is a new color for your eyes to make every outfit look perfect. You can try as I did the turquoise or pink, orange or any color that till now you wouldn’t dare to put on your face.
Some tips & tricks can be found here:
But don’t forget that the day make-up should be much simple and colorless them the one for the evening.
Offer happiness, receive kindness!

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